Monday at my mom group we talked about how it's important for everyone (especially moms) to take the time to rest. And rest can look different for everyone. Some people might rest by going for a run, others take an hour out of the house for themselves. To me it's reading.

Unfortunately I often waste rest time by mindlessly scrolling the internet. I waste so much time on Facebook or reading about other people's lives on blogs that I'm left feeling unfulfilled because it isn't productive to my life, my kid's lives, my husband's life, etc. So why do I do it? (Why do we do it?)

I feel like the tech era we live in often does more harm than good because we are only reading someone else's highlights. I heard a quote a year and a half ago when I went to the Origami Owl convention that stuck with me:
It's so true. I know people who post about how amazing their life is on Facebook, but in person they talk about how much they're struggling. I feel like it's especially true in blogging/reading blogs because we see pictures of perfectly clean houses with 2+ kids or read about some amazing outing they went on and I think, Wow, I'm happy if we get out of the pajamas we woke up in on a day we don't have to go anywhere or if we do go somewhere we all make it in one piece with 2 shoes on without any major meltdowns. And it certainly doesn't end in a trip to the donut shop with pictures of my beautiful children eating sprinkle covered donuts, because who has the time or energy to do that with kids?

This year we've decided to do "no tech Tuesdays" in our house. No tv. No tablets. Phones only in response to texts and calls, or if necessary. Yesterday was the second no tech Tuesday and I already love them. I'm reading more. The kids are playing so well and they barely mention the tv or wanting the tablet. We are focused on play and ourselves and each other and it's so... restful.

So while I still love reading blogs I'm not going to compare my life to your highlight reel. I'm going to focus less on what hundreds of other people are doing and more on what my people are doing. I am going to spend less time mindlessly scrolling the internet and more time reading. I am going to make a conscious effort to rest.

How about you?

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Jen said...

I really like this idea, it's seem more realistic.