Christmas morning Liam woke up at 7 and walked out to the living room. TJ and I were awake and stayed in bed listening to see if he was getting in the presents (everything is off the same hallway), but he didn't even go by the tree... he just plopped down on the floor just past the hallway and it looked like he was trying to go back to sleep. On the floor. We aren't sure if he was just really tired or wasn't sure what to do. We woke Emery up and then got to unwrapping. Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of pictures.
Santa made it!
Liam usually won't keep socks or anything on his feet, but before he left his room he put his slippers on. I think it's safe to say that he loved them.
I love the excitement on his face. 
Can you tell how tired Emery was? 
Their bikes were a hit! Liam still doesn't have the hang of riding it, but we haven't really spent too much time on it. Unwrapping took all morning because they wanted to play with what they just opened instead of opening more, but that was okay.

We had a wonderful Christmas! I hope yours was wonderful, too!

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Jen said...

They look so happy with their bikes!