Christmas Eve

Happy New Year! I'm going to catch you all up on our December and even though we started December off at Disney World, I'm going to start with Christmas because if I don't I'll just skip over it (you know, because it'll be March by the time I get to it, haha). This year for Christmas it was just the four of us. Usually we spend Christmas (or somewhere around Christmas) with my family and last year we went to New York, but this year everyone decided to stay put. It was weird not to be with family when we were opening presents, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

TJ is the big cook in our family (I'm the sous chef and the taste-along-the-way-er) and he decided that we should cook on Christmas Eve this year so we could relax and eat leftovers on Christmas Day. It was definitely a great decision. We made a casserole for brunch and TJ decided to smoke a prime rib. Uh, yes please. Every single year! While the prime rib was smoking we made some sides, but we really spent most of the day relaxing and watching Christmas movies.

After dinner we threw the kids in the bath and then let them open up their new pajamas and some popcorn so we could watch a few more Christmas movies. (Popcorn is a special treat around here, though I don't know why.)
Christmas Eve pajamas!
Liam's Lightning McQueen slippers. 
I wish they mad Emery's slippers in my size! 
He was more excited about the popcorn than his pjs. 
I asked Liam if he'd let me take a picture of his new pajamas and slippers and he seriously struck this pose! I've never seen him do that, but he must have felt awesome because he acted like he'd done it a million times.
Emery does this thing where if you're sitting on the floor she walks in front of you and then backs up into your lap. It's so hilarious. (Beep, beep, beep...)
Why is it so impossible to get a picture with everyone looking.
Em enjoying her popcorn.
Here is a picture of TJ's prime rib. Seriously, he is amazing, though by the end of the week I was prime ribbed out!
We decided last year that Christmas Eve pajamas would be a tradition. Do you have any traditions?

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Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmes, sometimes it's nice to just be in your own home for the holidays. :)