New Year's Eve, How are you here?!?

December thirty-first two thousand fifteen. You came out of nowhere!

Seriously, this year flew by. We did so much in December alone that I can't believe how much blogging I didn't do. We went to Disney World and Universal and Virginia and Christmas is over and tomorrow is the start of a new year. And that was just December! It's insane.
I'm not usually one for resolutions, but I do have a few goals for the year:
1) Liam and Emery will both be potty trained. Liam asap and Emery before she's 2 [hopefully].
2) Both kids will sleep through the night--I'm looking at you Emery!
3) I will blog more!
4) Be healthier, i.e., drink less. Haha.
I seriously miss blogging and I hope that the kids are at an age where I can sneak away to the computer for a while and actually get something--anything--done. Wish me luck!