the sunday currently

reading I just started reading a new book the other night but I have no idea what was going on so I haven't picked it back up again. I plan on it, I just haven't felt like confusing myself lately. lol. I'll keep you updated.

writing this... obvs. ;)

listening to Anthony Green. He's my absolute fav. If you haven't heard of him you need to check him out. He was the lead singer of Saosin, is the lead singer of Circa Survive, and has done various other projects. TJ and I are currently listening to his solo stuff, but he's good whatever way you listen. His voice is just amazing.

thinking that I can't wait for Emery's birthday party. I know it's over a month away, but planning has me so excited. Since she's an October baby I've decided on a "Little Pumpkin" theme. I'm so excited. She's going to be adorable.

smelling nothing really. I just ordered my favorite fall scent from Bath and Body Works though and I can't wait for it to come in. I'm going to save one for Emery's birthday because it's the perfect smell for that day: pumpkin cupcake. Love! (They have a sale going on right now, so it's the perfect time to stock up!)

wishing that I could sleep for more than an hour solid at a time. Emery is sick and hasn't been sleeping well at all even if she's in bed with us and it's really killing me. I honestly just need a solid night of sleep and I think my whole life would change. Hahaha.

wearing cozy Sunday attire.

needing a new planner. I looked at Erin Condren, and while they look great, I cannot justify spending over $50 on a planner. Are you kidding me? I think my last one was from Target so I'll probably check there again unless someone knows of an Erin Condren knock off. Let me know!

feeling like the kids are probably too quiet right now. Hahaha.

clicking my friend's Etsy Shop. She just opened it up and she has some great printables. She designed Emery's birthday invitation and I'm in love with it. She's planning on adding invites to the shop and if she does I'll let you know, but for now check out her other designs. My favorite is her Hocus Pocus one. I need this on my fireplace mantle!
Get it here!


Jen said...

I love the birthday party theme you are going with! :)

Valerie said...

I could use some more sleep too... I say as I drink yet another cup of coffee.