the sunday currently

Long time no blog! It's been a busy summer around these parts and I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. I always love the sunday currently with Siddathornton and I haven't posted one in forever so I figured I'd jump start this blog with a new edition. Here's my Sunday currently:
reading Little Big Lies by Liane Moriarty. I read The Husband's Secret recently and I couldn't put it down so I figured I'd give another of her books a go. So far so good.
writing nothing, but I am hoping to start blogging more again soon. My children will eventually allow me time to write blog posts, right?!?
listening to kids playing and the shower running. My brother in law is in town with his wife and son and there is never a silent moment.
thinking that it's nice to be sitting in the next room and the kids not know I'm in here taking time out for myself. I swear if they knew I was in here I'd never be able to finish this post. Hahaha.
smelling my delicious beer. Leinenkugel's never disappoints.
wishing I had some ideas for blog posts so that I could work on them.
hoping that everyone stays healthy this week so we can get out of the house and stay busy.
wearing cutoffs and a tank top.
loving my new glasses! I ordered them from for $43 and I'm seriously in love.
wanting the kids to ignore me today. Hahaha. The guys went golfing this morning so hopefully they'll watch the kids so I can blog this afternoon.
needing a mommy time out. Do those exist? I need to pause time to get things done and then restart time. There aren't enough hours in the day.
feeling happy. This beer is exactly what I needed.
clicking around on Pinterest, looking for (p)inspiration. 

Hopefully you're having a great weekend and get to enjoy another day off tomorrow! How are you spending your Sunday?

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