Please Pay Attention While You Drive

Last night my future brother-in-law was rear ended on his motorcycle. He was turning right and the truck behind him didn't slow down so he was hit at 55-60 mph. He saw that the truck wasn't slowing down so he tried to speed up and get into the left lane, but he wasn't fast enough and was hit. He flew into the right ditch while his bike went into the left. Luckily he came out with minor injuries--a broken collar bone, 7 stitches, and a whole lot of road rash--and my sister wasn't on the bike because the outcome could have been much different.

There are so many factors that could have made the accident much worse, so we are just grateful that he's alive, but please, pay attention while you drive. There is no reason to check your text messages while driving. It can wait. That Facebook notification can wait. That Snap can wait. We don't know if the kid who hit him was texting, but we know he wasn't paying attention, so please pay attention while you drive.

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Jen said...

Oh my goodness, this makes me so angry! I am so glad that he is okay.