Please Pay Attention While You Drive

Last night my future brother-in-law was rear ended on his motorcycle. He was turning right and the truck behind him didn't slow down so he was hit at 55-60 mph. He saw that the truck wasn't slowing down so he tried to speed up and get into the left lane, but he wasn't fast enough and was hit. He flew into the right ditch while his bike went into the left. Luckily he came out with minor injuries--a broken collar bone, 7 stitches, and a whole lot of road rash--and my sister wasn't on the bike because the outcome could have been much different.

There are so many factors that could have made the accident much worse, so we are just grateful that he's alive, but please, pay attention while you drive. There is no reason to check your text messages while driving. It can wait. That Facebook notification can wait. That Snap can wait. We don't know if the kid who hit him was texting, but we know he wasn't paying attention, so please pay attention while you drive.

the sunday currently

reading I just started reading a new book the other night but I have no idea what was going on so I haven't picked it back up again. I plan on it, I just haven't felt like confusing myself lately. lol. I'll keep you updated.

writing this... obvs. ;)

listening to Anthony Green. He's my absolute fav. If you haven't heard of him you need to check him out. He was the lead singer of Saosin, is the lead singer of Circa Survive, and has done various other projects. TJ and I are currently listening to his solo stuff, but he's good whatever way you listen. His voice is just amazing.

thinking that I can't wait for Emery's birthday party. I know it's over a month away, but planning has me so excited. Since she's an October baby I've decided on a "Little Pumpkin" theme. I'm so excited. She's going to be adorable.

smelling nothing really. I just ordered my favorite fall scent from Bath and Body Works though and I can't wait for it to come in. I'm going to save one for Emery's birthday because it's the perfect smell for that day: pumpkin cupcake. Love! (They have a sale going on right now, so it's the perfect time to stock up!)

wishing that I could sleep for more than an hour solid at a time. Emery is sick and hasn't been sleeping well at all even if she's in bed with us and it's really killing me. I honestly just need a solid night of sleep and I think my whole life would change. Hahaha.

wearing cozy Sunday attire.

needing a new planner. I looked at Erin Condren, and while they look great, I cannot justify spending over $50 on a planner. Are you kidding me? I think my last one was from Target so I'll probably check there again unless someone knows of an Erin Condren knock off. Let me know!

feeling like the kids are probably too quiet right now. Hahaha.

clicking my friend's Etsy Shop. She just opened it up and she has some great printables. She designed Emery's birthday invitation and I'm in love with it. She's planning on adding invites to the shop and if she does I'll let you know, but for now check out her other designs. My favorite is her Hocus Pocus one. I need this on my fireplace mantle!
Get it here!

A Day in Downtown Charleston

TJ doesn't work a typical 9-5 job so he can get off early sometimes, but if he does we usually run a few errands or just relax at home instead of doing what we actually should do--every once in a while you just need to take a day in the middle of the week and do something fun and enjoy the amazing weather.

On Tuesdays I usually take Liam and Emery to an open gymnastics class, but this week I did not want to start getting ready, so I decided we were going to skip it. Or so I thought. Ha! TJ has been wanting to go for a while and watch so of course the day I decided to stay home he called and said that he was going to be able to meet us there. Since I was running late he met us at home and then suggested we go downtown afterwards since it was so beautiful outside. Charleston is finally cooling down (if you call low 80s cooling down) and not deathly humid, so it sounded like a great plan. 

We went to gymnastics and once the kids were tired we jumped in the car for naps as we headed downtown. TJ received a gift card from his students to Ruths Chris a while back (it our place) so we decided to go there for lunch. Normally we try not to take the kids to such quiet places, but since it was a weekday for lunch in a not too touristy season we figured it would be dead and we were right. We were the only people in our section and even if it was busy the kids were amazing. I guess they're both at a good age to go out to eat again which is nice because it meant we got to have a nice meal and didn't have to find a babysitter (knock on wood, hahaha). It was a great meal and a good time so I'm really happy we went. They're just getting so big. Both kids were keeping our server entertained. Emery has started to play peekaboo herself and it's adorable. I only got it on video one time, but it's so cute...
After lunch we walked around a little bit, grabbed an iced coffee, and headed to the fountain to play. Liam wanted nothing to do with it because it was loud, but I couldn't keep Emery out. I didn't want her to plop on her butt and get all wet so I went in with her.
charleston fountain
She is just too big and kills me in those overalls. Seriously, I die every time she wears them.

We decided that since the kids were so well behaved that we have a lot more exploring to do around Charleston before we leave next summer, so hopefully I'll be posting about more of our adventures soon. 

What do you like to do when you have a day off during the week?

My 10 Month Old Walks

I know they say girls are more mature and that second children do things faster to keep up with their older sibling, but seriously, Emery needs to slow down! She took her first steps when she was 9 months old and was legit walking around at 10 months and 4 days. This girl is crazy.
Everybody kept telling me that once she was walking my whole world would change, but honestly that ship sailed when she started crawling. I've already been chasing two around so Em walking hasn't changed much. If anything it's slowed her down a little because she wants to walk everywhere so if she falls she stands back up. I have no complaints. She's absolutely adorable!

the sunday currently

Long time no blog! It's been a busy summer around these parts and I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. I always love the sunday currently with Siddathornton and I haven't posted one in forever so I figured I'd jump start this blog with a new edition. Here's my Sunday currently:
reading Little Big Lies by Liane Moriarty. I read The Husband's Secret recently and I couldn't put it down so I figured I'd give another of her books a go. So far so good.
writing nothing, but I am hoping to start blogging more again soon. My children will eventually allow me time to write blog posts, right?!?
listening to kids playing and the shower running. My brother in law is in town with his wife and son and there is never a silent moment.
thinking that it's nice to be sitting in the next room and the kids not know I'm in here taking time out for myself. I swear if they knew I was in here I'd never be able to finish this post. Hahaha.
smelling my delicious beer. Leinenkugel's never disappoints.
wishing I had some ideas for blog posts so that I could work on them.
hoping that everyone stays healthy this week so we can get out of the house and stay busy.
wearing cutoffs and a tank top.
loving my new glasses! I ordered them from for $43 and I'm seriously in love.
wanting the kids to ignore me today. Hahaha. The guys went golfing this morning so hopefully they'll watch the kids so I can blog this afternoon.
needing a mommy time out. Do those exist? I need to pause time to get things done and then restart time. There aren't enough hours in the day.
feeling happy. This beer is exactly what I needed.
clicking around on Pinterest, looking for (p)inspiration. 

Hopefully you're having a great weekend and get to enjoy another day off tomorrow! How are you spending your Sunday?