Our Weekend In Pictures

I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but my kids love bath time. Ever since Emery started sitting up well we've been throwing them in the tub together and they love it. Friday night TJ was in the bathroom with them while I was cleaning up dinner and he was making weird noises and the kids were cracking up. Emery dipped her face into the water and came up looking like Colonel Saunders and Liam can't help but force his face into any photo op. These kids are a riot.
Have I mentioned that Emery is way too advanced for her age? She's 7 months but I swear she's doing things Liam was doing at 10. She just wants to keep up with her big brother. She already crawls like a pro (and has been for a while) and now she's pulling herself up to stand. Here she is in the tub.
She will be the kid we're in the ER with all the time because she has no fear. I'm already mentally preparing myself for this.

Saturday was our first scorcher of the summer. We've had a mild summer according to SC standards so far, but that all changed this weekend. Hello 90s. We let Emery get into the pool for the first time and she loved it. Luckily I only put a tiny bit of water in there though, because she was trying to chew on the air part and there was no stopping her.
Unfortunately the happiness only lasted half an hour for both kids and I didn't even get to sit and enjoy it so we decided to just go back inside. It was early in the day and there were a few things I wanted to accomplish so I decided to go run some errands instead of sitting inside all day. I took Emery and we did a little shopping and while I was gone my amazing husband cleaned the house. He's amazing. Seriously.

Yesterday was way too hot to do anything so we decided to bum around.
I honestly accomplished nothing. I did wash (but didn't fold) two loads of laundry and TJ smoked salmon, so it was a pretty good day and a pretty great weekend. I hope yours was great, too!

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Jen said...

Haha those bath time photos are hilarious!