Life Lately

As a stay at home mom I feel like time flies by because I'm so busy, but I look back and think what was I busy doing? I feel like I'm always running around but accomplishing nothing. Please tell me I'm not alone!

Emery recently started having trouble napping. She wants to fall asleep nursing but as soon as I move to put her down she wakes up. If I try to not let her fall asleep nursing she doesn't sleep. It's a lose/lose unless I want to sit on the couch and let her stay on the boob [which also doesn't always work because Liam somehow always manages to wake her up]. So once nap time rolls around we're cranky because we haven't had a nap and we remain cranky because we won't nap. I'm exhausted.

In other news we still haven't received a definite yes or no on whether we're staying in Charleston for another year or moving at the end of the month. So that's fun. And stressful. And annoying. I mean, I'm afraid to go grocery shopping because I don't want to have more than we can eat in the next 2 weeks, but we're out of vegetables and meat and milk. Living life in limbo equals no bueno.

And then there's this. Typical dinner at our house. And if you look closely at the Life Lately image above you can see that it was taken from this picture. Cool huh?

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Jen said...

Oh that photos is too much lol.