Let's Go To the Malllllll

It's funny how some days things affect you differently than they would another day. Take yesterday for example, the kids weren't extra cranky or anything, I was just in a mood so their antics were affecting me more than usual. At 9 am I already knew that I needed to do something to change my negative energy towards the day, so I decided to go do something that I knew would improve everyone's mood: go to the mall.

Okay, I'm sure you're thinking taking two kids to the mall will improve everyone's mood, no, but yes, it does around here because Liam associates the mall with one thing: choo choo train.
There are dozens of rides at the mall but I swear he cares about this one 99% to the other ones combined 1%. He will watch a video of himself riding this train over and over. There are two other seats on this carousel and he's never been on them. Choo choo train or bust! Plus, how can I be cranky when something so simple puts a smile on Liam's face like that?!?
There's also a little play area there with a little slide and things to crawl around and over, so we spent a little time in there (because that train ride is $1 each time!). Emery sat on the floor like a big girl for the first time and she loved it. She's just getting too big.
Liam did decide to ride another ride for once, but I think it was because it was stars and stripes. That kid loves flags. 
So we went to the mall for a couple hours and while I tried a a few things on (can I just say that I hate shorts shopping and wish I could wear leggings every.single.day) we left there spending less than $10--it is possible people ;)--and with renewed attitudes.

And speaking of Emery getting too big too fast, she discovered Liam's goldfish the other day and now she loves them. She was seriously still gagging on puffs the day before this, but she can eat goldfish. Go figure. lol.
PS - Sorry for the pictures being blurry. I'm still trying to figure out my new phone's camera and squirmy children makes it a little difficult to focus. =P

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Jen said...

They both look happy! I love the smile on his face. :)