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I've read quite a few books over the last few months that I've been meaning to write reviews about because I received them from Netgalley for my honest opinion. I think I can be a hard critic most of the time because very few of the books I read receive 4 and 5 stars. It's probably because my star scale looks like this:
1 star - No.
2 stars - It was okay.
3 stars - I liked it.
4 stars - I really liked it.
5 stars - Harry Potter.
But seriously, I don't hand out stars like crazy, it has to be earned. That being said, here are some of the books I've been meaning to review.

Ten Tiny Breaths--2 stars--This book would have received higher stars from me if I liked the main character even just a little bit. I didn't like Kacey at all. I thought she was an annoying narrator and is probably the kind of person who exaggerates about everything and thinks that whatever happens to her is 10x worse than anyone else it's ever happened to in the history of the world. I know people like that in real life and I just can't deal with it. I thought she was whiney and dramatic and insensitive to almost everyone around her. Another major problem I had with this book is that Kacey basically kidnapped her sister and was raising her and her aunt and uncle never tried to look for them? She signed her up for school with her legal name and information but lied about having custody and that was never addressed. It's hard for me to believe that the aunt and uncle would have done nothing. I just couldn't get past it. I will definitely not be reading any other books in this series.

The Here and Now--3 stars--This book is about people from the future coming back in time to figure out what happened to make the future a dark place full of mosquitos and a plague. I started really liking this book because I felt like Prenna was questioning the rules that were forced on the time travelers and she wanted answers--plus I like a good rule breaker. The travelers aren't supposed to be good friends with the locals--or whatever they called them--and she had a guy interested in her. She never talked to him at all and then suddenly they were lovers. It was kind of weird and unrealistic. A story that I think had a lot of potential just fell flat for me. We finally find out what started the plague and it's just like, really? No. There could have been a lot more there, but I just feel that a lot of what is going on happens right at the end and there's too much fluff throughout the beginning of the book.

The Sound of Glass--3 stars--This book caught my attention at the beginning because there is a plane explosion and a suitcase that falls from the sky with a letter, but we won't know what that letter says until virtually the end. That suitcase connects two women who lived in different generations and it was interesting to learn about the events that happened. I thought that the step-mom Loralee's storyline was a little weird because the main character Merritt hasn't spoken to her in years and she just happens to show up at a new house the day after she gets it with her 10 year old half brother. I found it somewhat unrealistic. Loralee was also very obsessed with looks which seemed kind of shallow to me. Sure Merritt could use a makeover, but reading all about how much she cared about what she looked and wore was exhausting. I also felt like there was some weird stuff going on up in that attic and I just didn't get it. I started out really liking it but too much unbelievable stuff happened before we found out what the letter said that I lost a little bit of interest in the book. Also, is beating your wife genetic? I didn't think so but they sure made it seem like it.

More book reviews to come!

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