A Lil' Q&A To Start Your Day

What’s in your bag:
You mean besides diapers? An extra set of clothes for Emery inside a quart zip lock bag in case she has a blowout. The baggie is to protect my bag from the poop clothes ;). I always have goldfish, my EOS chapstick, a lip gloss, Thieves spray, and a few Origami Owl catalogs.

How do you stay sane:
I'm not sure that I am sane...

Sweet or savory:
It really depends on my mood. I love chocolate to death, but recently I've been craving more of the savory things in life: meat and cheese trays, smoked salmon, pimento cheese on toast. It really depends.

Yes, I love to explore new places. We are ready for a new and exciting adventure.

Can’t live without:
Coffee. errysingleday

Walking out of the house in:
Today will be splash pad attire.

The Last Supper:
My last supper? Pizza from Costco.
Last supper before I die? Ruths Chris.

Favorite Book:
Harry Potter. The Night Circus. I am dying to reread both. Time is my enemy.

Currently can’t stop:
Falling behind. There is so much that I want to get done around here, but so little time. Again, time is my enemy.

Beauty Secret:
A spin brush. My skin has been so clear since I started using one. I don't know if it's because of that or because I'm finally outgrowing puberty...

Gets Inspiration Flowing:
With a little alcohol. =P

Words to live by:
Stop to blow the dandelions. -me

What would you tell the 14 year old you:
Don't stop dreaming. It's going to happen.

In another life I will:
Travel the world through my 20s. Though that's our plan when we're in our 40s after TJ retires and our kids are in college. Seriously. Not even joking.

Movie you could watch a million times over:
Harry Potter. Spirited Away. 

Who would you cast yourself as in a movie about your life:
I don't know. Someone who can really pull off goofy. Like Emma Stone.

Whats your sign:
Gemini. Through and through.

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Jen said...

I've been all about savory items lately too, which is totally not like me haha.