it's my birthday

Happy birthday to me! I have some pretty shitty birthdays under my belt--I got dumped on my 18th birthday, spent the day with my uncle getting surgery my 19th birthday, and spent birthdays 21, 22, and 23 with TJ gone on the sub to name a few--but today has been one of the best I can remember. It hasn't been anything extravagant, but I feel special.

In all of my years as a Navy wife I've never really had as great of friends as I do right now. I'm not saying that I haven't made friends before these girls, these girls just make me feel like they care and make me feel special.

Lori and Anna and I have become close over the last year and they really blew me away for my birthday (just like they did with Emery's gift after she was born). To start they came to my house at 8:30 this morning with my favorite Starbucks drink. That alone is the way to my heart. And as if that was not enough, they got handed me a beautiful bag full of goodies and some mini cakes and a chocolate covered strawberry. 
The reason it made me feel special is that every gift they gave me was specifically for me. This wasn't a gift bag tailored for just anyone, this was full of things they knew I would love and that is more special than even receiving anything at all.

I told TJ that all I wanted for my birthday was smoked salmon, Moscow Mules, and to relax. TJ smoked my salmon last night, but we were busy all week and didn't have time to get ginger beer so TJ and Liam went out and grabbed some things. They went and got stuff for my drink, picked me up some lunch and Liam came home with this:
Oh my gosh, nothing could be sweeter than a card that I know Liam picked out and that he obviously signed. It's the cutest thing he could have given me.

So I must say, my family and friends delivered. I was relaxing and drinking a Moscow Mule and reading a book at 1pm. What could be better than that?
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, my mom sent me a book (Toddlers Are A**holes: It's Not Your Fault) and hid an awesome pedicure kit in Emery's room while she was here, so that was pretty awesome, too.

Thanks peeps, for making this birthday awesome. xoxo

A Lil' Q&A To Start Your Day

What’s in your bag:
You mean besides diapers? An extra set of clothes for Emery inside a quart zip lock bag in case she has a blowout. The baggie is to protect my bag from the poop clothes ;). I always have goldfish, my EOS chapstick, a lip gloss, Thieves spray, and a few Origami Owl catalogs.

How do you stay sane:
I'm not sure that I am sane...

Sweet or savory:
It really depends on my mood. I love chocolate to death, but recently I've been craving more of the savory things in life: meat and cheese trays, smoked salmon, pimento cheese on toast. It really depends.

Yes, I love to explore new places. We are ready for a new and exciting adventure.

Can’t live without:
Coffee. errysingleday

Walking out of the house in:
Today will be splash pad attire.

The Last Supper:
My last supper? Pizza from Costco.
Last supper before I die? Ruths Chris.

Favorite Book:
Harry Potter. The Night Circus. I am dying to reread both. Time is my enemy.

Currently can’t stop:
Falling behind. There is so much that I want to get done around here, but so little time. Again, time is my enemy.

Beauty Secret:
A spin brush. My skin has been so clear since I started using one. I don't know if it's because of that or because I'm finally outgrowing puberty...

Gets Inspiration Flowing:
With a little alcohol. =P

Words to live by:
Stop to blow the dandelions. -me

What would you tell the 14 year old you:
Don't stop dreaming. It's going to happen.

In another life I will:
Travel the world through my 20s. Though that's our plan when we're in our 40s after TJ retires and our kids are in college. Seriously. Not even joking.

Movie you could watch a million times over:
Harry Potter. Spirited Away. 

Who would you cast yourself as in a movie about your life:
I don't know. Someone who can really pull off goofy. Like Emma Stone.

Whats your sign:
Gemini. Through and through.

books lately

I've read quite a few books over the last few months that I've been meaning to write reviews about because I received them from Netgalley for my honest opinion. I think I can be a hard critic most of the time because very few of the books I read receive 4 and 5 stars. It's probably because my star scale looks like this:
1 star - No.
2 stars - It was okay.
3 stars - I liked it.
4 stars - I really liked it.
5 stars - Harry Potter.
But seriously, I don't hand out stars like crazy, it has to be earned. That being said, here are some of the books I've been meaning to review.

Ten Tiny Breaths--2 stars--This book would have received higher stars from me if I liked the main character even just a little bit. I didn't like Kacey at all. I thought she was an annoying narrator and is probably the kind of person who exaggerates about everything and thinks that whatever happens to her is 10x worse than anyone else it's ever happened to in the history of the world. I know people like that in real life and I just can't deal with it. I thought she was whiney and dramatic and insensitive to almost everyone around her. Another major problem I had with this book is that Kacey basically kidnapped her sister and was raising her and her aunt and uncle never tried to look for them? She signed her up for school with her legal name and information but lied about having custody and that was never addressed. It's hard for me to believe that the aunt and uncle would have done nothing. I just couldn't get past it. I will definitely not be reading any other books in this series.

The Here and Now--3 stars--This book is about people from the future coming back in time to figure out what happened to make the future a dark place full of mosquitos and a plague. I started really liking this book because I felt like Prenna was questioning the rules that were forced on the time travelers and she wanted answers--plus I like a good rule breaker. The travelers aren't supposed to be good friends with the locals--or whatever they called them--and she had a guy interested in her. She never talked to him at all and then suddenly they were lovers. It was kind of weird and unrealistic. A story that I think had a lot of potential just fell flat for me. We finally find out what started the plague and it's just like, really? No. There could have been a lot more there, but I just feel that a lot of what is going on happens right at the end and there's too much fluff throughout the beginning of the book.

The Sound of Glass--3 stars--This book caught my attention at the beginning because there is a plane explosion and a suitcase that falls from the sky with a letter, but we won't know what that letter says until virtually the end. That suitcase connects two women who lived in different generations and it was interesting to learn about the events that happened. I thought that the step-mom Loralee's storyline was a little weird because the main character Merritt hasn't spoken to her in years and she just happens to show up at a new house the day after she gets it with her 10 year old half brother. I found it somewhat unrealistic. Loralee was also very obsessed with looks which seemed kind of shallow to me. Sure Merritt could use a makeover, but reading all about how much she cared about what she looked and wore was exhausting. I also felt like there was some weird stuff going on up in that attic and I just didn't get it. I started out really liking it but too much unbelievable stuff happened before we found out what the letter said that I lost a little bit of interest in the book. Also, is beating your wife genetic? I didn't think so but they sure made it seem like it.

More book reviews to come!

Let's Go To the Malllllll

It's funny how some days things affect you differently than they would another day. Take yesterday for example, the kids weren't extra cranky or anything, I was just in a mood so their antics were affecting me more than usual. At 9 am I already knew that I needed to do something to change my negative energy towards the day, so I decided to go do something that I knew would improve everyone's mood: go to the mall.

Okay, I'm sure you're thinking taking two kids to the mall will improve everyone's mood, no, but yes, it does around here because Liam associates the mall with one thing: choo choo train.
There are dozens of rides at the mall but I swear he cares about this one 99% to the other ones combined 1%. He will watch a video of himself riding this train over and over. There are two other seats on this carousel and he's never been on them. Choo choo train or bust! Plus, how can I be cranky when something so simple puts a smile on Liam's face like that?!?
There's also a little play area there with a little slide and things to crawl around and over, so we spent a little time in there (because that train ride is $1 each time!). Emery sat on the floor like a big girl for the first time and she loved it. She's just getting too big.
Liam did decide to ride another ride for once, but I think it was because it was stars and stripes. That kid loves flags. 
So we went to the mall for a couple hours and while I tried a a few things on (can I just say that I hate shorts shopping and wish I could wear leggings we left there spending less than $10--it is possible people ;)--and with renewed attitudes.

And speaking of Emery getting too big too fast, she discovered Liam's goldfish the other day and now she loves them. She was seriously still gagging on puffs the day before this, but she can eat goldfish. Go figure. lol.
PS - Sorry for the pictures being blurry. I'm still trying to figure out my new phone's camera and squirmy children makes it a little difficult to focus. =P

I Just Can't

Some days I just can't.

I can't make two kids happy at the same time.
I can't get 5 minutes to myself. 
I can't take a shower.
I can't get my toddler to eat.
I can't get my 6 month old to nap.
I can't get the house clean.

Honestly that's most days, but today I just can't.

I woke up at 6 am with TJ so we could start the day with a workout. We have a garage gym that I almost never get to use because when can I use it? Only when both kids won't need me. So we decided that before they wake up is the best time. So at 6 we got up, got dressed, and went to the gym. By 6:40 both kids were awake. There's the end of that workout. It was barely a warm up.

I've just been so annoyed lately that I can't catch a break and I think that waking up early is the key and today--the first day of trying--it wasn't. So instead of just sleeping--where both kids would have slept until at least 8--I got up just so they could get up, which probably means it'll be just another day of can't... but with 2 more hours in it.

Today I just can't.

Life Lately

As a stay at home mom I feel like time flies by because I'm so busy, but I look back and think what was I busy doing? I feel like I'm always running around but accomplishing nothing. Please tell me I'm not alone!

Emery recently started having trouble napping. She wants to fall asleep nursing but as soon as I move to put her down she wakes up. If I try to not let her fall asleep nursing she doesn't sleep. It's a lose/lose unless I want to sit on the couch and let her stay on the boob [which also doesn't always work because Liam somehow always manages to wake her up]. So once nap time rolls around we're cranky because we haven't had a nap and we remain cranky because we won't nap. I'm exhausted.

In other news we still haven't received a definite yes or no on whether we're staying in Charleston for another year or moving at the end of the month. So that's fun. And stressful. And annoying. I mean, I'm afraid to go grocery shopping because I don't want to have more than we can eat in the next 2 weeks, but we're out of vegetables and meat and milk. Living life in limbo equals no bueno.

And then there's this. Typical dinner at our house. And if you look closely at the Life Lately image above you can see that it was taken from this picture. Cool huh?

Dear blogger users,

I used to receive emails whenever someone commented on my posts. I still have everything set up correctly--I even added an additional email to receive the comments--and I haven't been receiving a notification for the comments. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? I've tried to get ahold of blogger but they're deleting my question posts saying that this issue has been resolved on other threads, though those other threads they're directing me to have nothing to do with this. Please help!

Thank you!

A sad blogger not receiving comment emails. ;)

When Grandma Comes To Town

My mom is amazing. Since we moved to Charleston over 3 years ago she has made it a point to see us every 3-4 months. It may have been a little longer once to twice, but she's always here visiting us. We have gone to IL a few times, but she does a majority of the traveling and we appreciate her visiting us so much. Another thing we love about grandma visiting is the grandma paparazzi--the grandmarazzi if you will. She takes a million pictures and I actually get to be in some! Hahaha.
This is Liam pre big boy haircut.
The water was freezing, but we took grandma to the pool anyway.
Off to a Riverdogs game!
Liam meeting Charlie the mascot. He was pretty nervous at first, but what kid doesn't love a high five?
Mom and I used to be movie buddies so whenever she comes to town we try to go see a movie. We brought Emery with us and she was an angel. This was actually her second movie because she went with us when grandma, Aunt Kaurie, and Aunt Riley were here at Christmas. 
You can really see Liam's haircut here. We actually cut it shorter before grandma left and he already needs another one.
Liam's new shoes! We wanted to see if they fit and once they went on he would not take them off. He knows that daddy loves flag stuff so he does, too. Every time he sees a flag he gets excited and points at it. Now whenever we are ready to go somewhere he sprints to the front door and grabs his shoes. 
It was a fun visit with grandma. The kids already miss her and love when we FaceTime with her. And it's funny when grandma takes all the pictures because then she isn't in many of them. Hahaha.

Pictures Lately

The weather in Charleston has been amazing lately. The humidity is usually already unbearable by May and it hasn't hit us yet, so we are taking advantage of that while we can. Emery absolutely loves being outside. She's discovering the grass and Liam picks flowers for her. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

We took the kids to the park on Saturday. We thought it was a bit cool to go to the splash pad so we parked as far away from it as we could so Liam wouldn't see it and want to go, but we failed. Apparently he remembers the very few times I took him last year and just continued walking until we got to it. When he saw it he was so excited we couldn't really tell him no, especially since there were other kids playing. He asked me to take his shoes and socks off and then proceeded to attempt to take my shirt off. So yeah, there's that. lol.

I'm going to be really sad when the humidity hits, but at least I know how much the kids enjoy the splash pad. I foresee a lot of time spent there this summer--if we get to stay in Charleston. If we move at the end of this month like they're telling us might happen I'll have to find something similar at our new duty station. Fingers crossed we get to stay!

Moms' Night Out

Last night I finally got a much needed night out with my friend Emily. We've become good friends over the last year and it was our first time hanging out without kids around! I haven't gone to a paint night in over a year so when I saw that one of my favorite bars was hosting an adorable painting I knew I needed to go. Thanks to Groupon it was half off so I messaged Emily, we bought our spots, and then told our husbands (wink, wink).

I've gone to paint nights before, but they were byob at a paint studio, so going to a bar where I could order whatever I wanted was pretty awesome. Hello Moscow Mule.

It was so much fun. My sky dried a lot more lime green than blue green, but that's okay. I really like how it turned out. Liam spotted it first thing this morning and he picked it up and said 'preee' so at least I know he approves.

Normally I'd be looking for a place to hang it, but since we found out yesterday that we are about 99% sure we're moving at the end of this month, I think it can wait, but that's a story for another day.