Better Late Than Never--Valentine's Day Edition

For the first time in ages TJ and I got to go out for Valentine's Day. I know, I know! Please, hold the applause! Normally we cook at home--and that's wonderful--but it was really nice to get to go out to dinner sans children for once.

TJ had a long weekend the weekend of Valentine's Day so we decided to drive to Virginia to visit TJ's brothers. Before we left I made dark chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate and raspberry frosting. They were delicious minus the fact that they were slightly dry (our oven over cooks everything. It's annoying and totally not my fault.)
I'd pumped breast milk for a few days before we left so we could go out to dinner while we were in Virginia. Luckily we had enough family members around that we had babysitters and DD's--for free! One of our favorite places to go is Ruth's Chris. It's just one of those places that we started going while dating that has turned in to "our place." Spoiled? Yeah, definitely.
TJ decided he wanted to get a steak that looked like it was from The Flintstones. It wasn't as good as our usual filet, but we wouldn't have known unless we tried, so I'm glad we got it. The leftovers made from some great omelets the next morning. lol.
I definitely took advantage of pumped breastmilk, no kids, and a designated driver. It was a great night of too much food, too many drinks, and reminiscing about how I told one of my friends that I was going to marry TJ one day when we were only 14. 
I'm sorry this post is so late, but I figured I needed to document the fact that we had a date night on Valentine's Day at least once while our kids are little. ;)

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