What's New?

I always say that I'm back and always fail to deliver, so this morning I decided that maybe a new look is what I need. I have to say, I'm in love! Here is what else is new around here:::

The weather has been gorgeous lately which means baseball games and trips to the park!
Emery is big! She's already 6 months old and she definitely follows what they say about girls being more advanced than boys and also that second children are more advanced, because this girl is pretty much crawling and is so much more active than Liam was at this age. She was rolling over back to front before she was even 4 months old! She is also a lot bigger than Liam was: she is in the 43rd percentile for weight and the 89th for height. Liam hung around the 20th percentiles until his 2 year appointment where he's finally hit the 50s. Also, I don't know where she gets that weight/height distribution from. It certainly isn't from her momma!

Liam and Emery absolutely adore each other [though this isn't new]. I was never worried about whether Liam would love her or be jealous because he's always been a lovie, but the amount of love and adoration they have for each other is mind blowing. He's always trying to make her laugh or give her kisses and she is always watching exactly what he's doing. They are so cute together it could probably kill me.

Liam is growing up so fast. The last two times I took him to the nursery at MOPs he jumped out of my arms and waved bye. The first time it happened I was caught so off guard, and the second time I just thought 'no way is this happening two times in a row.' He's just growing up! He even doesn't look like a baby at all anymore. He finally got his first big boy haircut and he looks like such a little man. I do feel like he's a little behind in his talking so we are going to get a speech assessment on Monday. It's not that he doesn't say a lot of words, he just usually says only 1 syllable of the word, so I'm worried about that. I know that girls talk a lot sooner than boys and we're mostly around girls his age so it isn't a fair comparison, but I'd really be kicking myself in a year if I found out that he was behind. An assessment can't hurt, they'll either tell me he is fine or start speech therapy [and the military should cover it]. It's a win/win in my opinion.

How have you been? What kind of updates are you looking for?

Better Late Than Never--Valentine's Day Edition

For the first time in ages TJ and I got to go out for Valentine's Day. I know, I know! Please, hold the applause! Normally we cook at home--and that's wonderful--but it was really nice to get to go out to dinner sans children for once.

TJ had a long weekend the weekend of Valentine's Day so we decided to drive to Virginia to visit TJ's brothers. Before we left I made dark chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate and raspberry frosting. They were delicious minus the fact that they were slightly dry (our oven over cooks everything. It's annoying and totally not my fault.)
I'd pumped breast milk for a few days before we left so we could go out to dinner while we were in Virginia. Luckily we had enough family members around that we had babysitters and DD's--for free! One of our favorite places to go is Ruth's Chris. It's just one of those places that we started going while dating that has turned in to "our place." Spoiled? Yeah, definitely.
TJ decided he wanted to get a steak that looked like it was from The Flintstones. It wasn't as good as our usual filet, but we wouldn't have known unless we tried, so I'm glad we got it. The leftovers made from some great omelets the next morning. lol.
I definitely took advantage of pumped breastmilk, no kids, and a designated driver. It was a great night of too much food, too many drinks, and reminiscing about how I told one of my friends that I was going to marry TJ one day when we were only 14. 
I'm sorry this post is so late, but I figured I needed to document the fact that we had a date night on Valentine's Day at least once while our kids are little. ;)

Dessange Paris California Blonde Review

**I received this product complimentary to test and review. All opinions are my own.**
About a month ago I received the shampoo, conditioner, and color correcting cream from Dessange Paris in their California Blonde line from Influenster. I really felt like the shampoo and conditioner moisturized my hair and made it shine, but my favorite part about these products was the smell. It really reminded me of when I get my hair shampooed at a salon. The passion flower extracts really come through and now that my shampoo and conditioner are gone I really miss my hair smelling like that. I guess it's time to go buy some more. 

Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to using the color correcting cream because I haven't felt like my hair has looked brassy, but as soon as it does I'm going to use it.

Overall, the Dessange Paris California Blonde line is definitely worth checking out.


Every time I take a blogging hiatus and decide to get back into it I feel like I have to post something immediately to prove to myself that I'm going to start again instead of just working on a post for tomorrow. Case in point, I am going to do a currently post because they're fast, easy, and I just like them (also, fast is not fast when you have kids...). I also think that if you don't give one word answers they're really informational, and what are you here for if not to learn more about me ;) ?

Drinking a Moscow mule. I'm so so SO obsessed with these. When TJ got home from Vegas and was raving about these I didn't believe him and when he made one I was not impressed (at first). Then I sipped a few more--and improved the initial recipe--and now I'm obsessed. They're so refreshing. I almost wish they didn't have vodka in them so I could drink them all day. Hahaha! Yeah right, who am I kidding? lol. Also, I know it's National Beer Day, but Moscow mules have ginger beer (which coincidently is non-alcoholic) in them, so it counts, right?

Eating nothing. Dinner is thawing. Tonight's menu: grilled chicken, grilled corn on the cob, and rice. Delish. The best part is TJ works the grill, so my job is to boil rice.... Enough said. 

Watching Disney Junior. Liam usually gets to watch cartoons until the news is on and then I watch the news and then Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and he goes to bed. My New Years resolution was to watch the news each night. I just really have no idea what is going on in the world since my life revolves around a 5 month old and a 2 year old. So it's been going well. I don't watch it every day, but I do pretty well. PS - The news is depressing!

Thinking that my Young Living oil diffuser is amazing. I swear TJ's and my allergies aren't as bad when we have an allergy blend diffusing. Maybe it's all in our heads, but it's working either way and that's all that matters to us. lol.

Wanting to buy new clothes... still. TJ gave me an IOU for new clothes for Christmas and he still owes me. My fault, not his.

Dreaming about a duty station in which all my favorite military families are stationed together. I've seriously met some amazing people too close to when they're leaving or we're leaving. It's sad I know, and it's the military lifestyle, but that doesn't mean I can't dream.

Thankful for my amazing husband who works so hard for us. He's amazing and so deserving and I can't wait for our future to unfold. More details on what's up later.