Covergirl Bloom Mascara Review

**I received this product complimentary to test and review.**

A couple weeks ago I received Covergirl Bloom mascara from Influenster to review. I was so excited because I LOVE Covergirl Lash Blast and typically if I find something I love I don't want to spend money on something new. After a few weeks of using the Bloom mascara I'm ready to share my opinion on it.

It's okay. It's supposed to feel light and flexible--and it does--but I don't think it gives the fullness of the Lash Blast. And it definitely doesn't make your eyelashes look like Katy Perry's do in the commercial.
Left has the mascara; right has nothing.
If you're looking for something new that is light and flexible, then definitely try this out, but if you're looking for fullness I'd suggest Covergirl's Lash Blast mascara (it's the one in the orange tube!).

My Picky Eater

Liam is a picky eater. I hate it because when he was just starting to eat solids he ate everything and now he barely eats anything. He will consistently eat fruit, but I can't get him to eat meat or vegetables consistently. Recently he's been boycotting pretty much everything so when he finds something he wants to eat I let him eat it. Now I'm starting to regret it.
Saturday we had family in town so we went out to eat for lunch and dinner. Liam will pretty much eat a fruit bowl everywhere we go and then we try to get him to eat off of our plates. It's pointless to order him his own meal because he never eats it and it's a waste of money, so fruit it is. So Saturday morning he picked at a waffle and then ate a fruit bowl for lunch. He had some goldfish in the car and then we went to a candy store downtown Charleston. I never give him candy but for some reason I decided to let him get some sixlets. Then we went home for the afternoon where he ate a fruit pouch, a cold turkey dog (gross I know, but if he eats it...), and a slice of cheese. We went out to eat late and he hates sitting in a high chair so I bribed him with fruit snacks to sit down and behave (also something he doesn't usually get to eat). At dinner he picked at the bun of a burger and pretty much used his sweet potato fry as a vessel to eat ketchup. Wonderful day of eating, amiright? Saturday night we went to bed around midnight and then I stayed up reading. I heard Liam cough a few times and then another few times and then he started whining. I had a bad feeling so I went to go check on him and as soon as I reached his crib I could smell the vomit. My poor baby was covered and I left him in there for about 3 minutes before checking on him (I have so much guilt about this). I carried him to our room, woke up TJ so he could give him a shower while I cleaned up his room and found him new pajamas. When we went into the bathroom Liam was still vomiting and I was trying to position him over the toilet. Poor Liam could barely stand up so I was practically holding him over the toilet. After he showered we put down a bunch of towels in our bed and on the floor and let him sleep with us. Obviously TJ and I had trouble falling asleep. Liam wasn't sleeping soundly and was still puking a little so we were talking about what he ate all day and knew that him getting sick was our fault. We just got to the point where we were saying "calories are calories" and just let him eat what he wants. We tell ourselves that fruit is good for him so he isn't eating all bad. And we made Liam get sick. 

So after a bunch of research I decided that I'm going to start using a "grazing tray" for him. Basically you give your kid a little buffet of things to eat and try on their own. I am going to use this:
Silicone Muffin Pan 
I read that a lot of kids don't eat what you want when you want because they aren't hungry when you sit them down to eat. I know that Liam can eat a ton at breakfast and sometimes he will ask for seconds and thirds of fruit so by the time I think it's lunch time he might not actually be hungry. Liam also will ask for snacks right before it's lunch time and if I don't have his lunch ready I'll cave and give him a graham cracker or goldfish and then he won't eat his lunch. I'm thinking that I should get this tray ready after I get his breakfast ready and have it waiting in the fridge so I can get this out and let him pick at it instead of letting him snack on empty calories. I'm also thinking about making him little baggies of trail mix so that when he does want a snack we have healthier quick options. I was thinking about nuts, dried fruit, and maybe some kid of cereal. I really need to figure out how to get this picky eater to expand his eating and also how to get healthy calories in him in the meantime. Once I give this "grazing tray" and trail mix baggies a try I will let you know how it goes.

Do you have any advice about picky toddlers?