My Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast!

Since I've been trying to blog regularly again I haven't really given you an update on life and the kids. Liam turned 2 in December and Emery will be 3 months on Friday. Liam is finally learning how to really play independently and Emery is just a good baby all around. I'm blessed.

Yesterday daddy was on duty so we hung out at home. I intended on getting a bunch of stuff done around the house, but that just did not happen. The only thing that actually got cleaned yesterday was the kitchen, and that's because it's a part of my morning routine--every morning I get Liam into his highchair for breakfast, do the dishes from the night before if they didn't get done after dinner, and wipe down the whole kitchen before I allow myself to make my morning coffee (this makes me feel less guilty about sitting down for an hour at the computer). Emery is also usually still sleeping while all of this happens. She's just like her mommy--she loves her sleep.

The reason I didn't end up getting anything done was because the weather finally warmed up enough to play outside and it was sunny! We had to take advantage of it. For Christmas Liam got a lot of sports toys for outside so I gathered them up and took them out back and made a second cup of coffee to enjoy while Liam played. It was gorgeous.
Emery enjoyed being outside even though it was so bright she barely opened her eyes. Hahaha.
Liam was playing, but he still had to have a graham cracker to hold. I swear that graham crackers are like his security blanket.
Emery likes to either be sitting straight up or laying completely flat.
She was being so somber until I told her she was a pretty girl, then she looked like the next picture.
She loves being told she's pretty. ;)
Liam is really into stacking things: markers, books, and these blocks are his favorite.
They're really growing up too fast. I already miss the stages they're in and they haven't even outgrown them yet. I nurse Emery and think back to nursing Liam and realize that soon she'll be as big as him. I snuggle with Emery while she's asleep and already miss how tiny she is. I know I need to sit back and enjoy these moments, but they'll still be gone before I know it. 

If you figure out how to pause time, please let me know!
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