I want to become a morning person.

Becoming a morning person is no easy task, trust me. While I want to wake up before the kids and have an hour to myself in the morning so I can enjoy hot coffee, one late night throws all of that off again.
I am a night owl. I always have been and I've always loved it, but having kids and being a night owl don't exactly go hand in hand. I enjoy my time alone after the kids go to bed and sometimes I find myself up wayyyy later than I intend to be. Those are the nights that turn into the mornings that the kids don't want to sleep in. Ahh, this is life.

I think if I had a place with a beautiful morning view it would be easier to get up earlier than the kids. I miss having a place with a view. Our first apartment in Hawaii was on a mountain on the 5th floor and it overlooked Honolulu. I could see the ocean and the city and it was just beautiful. I feel like I took that view for granted. I mean, I definitely enjoyed it while I was there, but looking back I didn't spend as much time out on our lanai as I should have. I also wasn't a coffee drinker then and that's a shame, we could have had a lot of beautiful sunrises.

And then there is TJ's grandma's cottage. We spent a week there one May and it was still cool enough in the mornings that a hot coffee was perfect out on the deck overlooking the lake. It really was the best way to start the day.

Now we live in a subdivision. The only view we have is of our backyard, the fence, and the back of some other people's houses. It's kind of depressing. Nothing about it makes me want to go outside in the morning and enjoy my cup of coffee. Maybe if there was a view I would try a little harder to wake up before the kids. For now I'll continue microwaving it multiple times to keep it hot or endure more mornings like this:
This is what happens when I try to sneak away to enjoy a hot coffee.
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Jen said...

I am a night owl too, I do my best to go to bed early but it just never works out haha.