holy shipoopy

Have you ever had that gut sinking feeling that you just royally f***ed up? The one that makes you sick to your stomach and doesn't go away, even if you aren't thinking about it? Yeah, that was me on Friday night throughout the weekend.

In November I finally saved up enough of my Origami Owl commissions to buy myself a new MacbookPro. It was my goal for months, but between buying the new jewelry and spending money on going to convention in Arizona, every time I got close I set myself back another couple hundred dollars.

On November 29th, I found a good day after Black Friday deal and went and purchased a MacbookPro with my own money. To say I was proud of myself is an understatement. I was beaming and I couldn't believe I finally did it. TJ was equally as proud and even texted me while I was out getting it how proud he was of my hard work.

Fastforward to Friday night and this happens::
It was way way way less dramatic than that. I had an almost empty glass of white wine (it was only my second small glass so I was not intoxicated at all) and was sitting on the couch, watching tv, and working on my Origami Owl stuff when I barely bumped my glass on the side of my computer. There was the tiniest of sloshes and barely anything landed on my computer and then... darkness. 
My computer shut down! I immediately turned it upside down and wiped off what I could see and then proceeded to try to turn it back on. Lesson to the unwise, never ever try to turn your computer back on when liquid has been spilled inside--you know, the whole liquid and electronics thing? It can fry your computer. I know that sounds obvious, but I wasn't thinking clearly and with the amount that spilled I figured it was okay. 
I finally took it in to TJ and was freaking out and he asked me if I tried to turn it on and when I said yes he couldn't keep the look off his face. The look like, duh, it's liquid and electronics. We wanted to take the back off but we didn't have the right pentatonic screwdriver to get the screws off. So I decide I'm going to go to Walmart (the only place open at almost 11pm on a Friday night) to look for it and long story short, they don't have it.
So while I'm gone TJ was researching Mac spills and basically if it doesn't turn back on it costs almost as much as a new Mac to fix it, so he told me not to hold my breath. We turned it upside down and blew a fan on it for 3 days until our new pentatonic screwdriver arrived in the mail. 
That was last night. TJ said that before he took it apart he wanted to know if it turned on. It did! My computer dried out and is up and running. I was sick to my stomach about it all weekend and everything is okay. TJ still needs to take it apart and clean it because the liquid can cause corrosion, but I am so happy that it turned on I can't even explain it. 
From now on there will be NO liquid near my computer. I'm so relieved that there wasn't any permanent damage, but I'm not running that risk again any time soon.
Have you ever had that gut sinking feeling that you just royally f***ed up?


Jen said...

Oh man, so glad your computer is find!

Janet Johnson said...

Glad to see you're blogging again, shocked I didn't hear about your computer, but thankful you got it up and running!!! Lesson learned��