Happy New Year! 

My, how time flies! Can you believe that 2014 is over? I know I can't. It was such a great year and I barely shared any of it with you. But that is why I am here. I am going to start blogging again and I'm going to start with a list of goals for myself for the new year. 

1) Blog regularly. I got a message from a friend about a month ago that I should start blogging again. It was funny because I'd spent the three previous days staring at an empty screen, trying to find the inspiration. I just don't know where to start. I have nothing and everything to blog about. 

For example, I had a baby! 

I know, I know. No big deal. ;) Just kidding.
We added a little girl--Emery--to the family on October 23rd. She's the sweetest little thing.
And Liam absolutely adores her. He will NOT to go bed without giving her a kiss and asks to hold her all the time. We are truly so blessed--we got our big brother, little sister duo--and transitioning from one kid to two has gone as smooth as I could have ever dreamed. Life is good, but more on that later.

2) Get Liam potty trained. He just turned 2 in December and we are done with traveling and guests for a while, so I think it's the right time to start trying. He will sit on the potty, but he hasn't quite figured out how to go on it yet.

3) Get fit! Now that I'm cleared to workout again--and the holidays are over--it's time to hit the gym. Luckily I have an awesome gym in the garage and a live-in personal trainer, so no excuses.

4) Read more. I only read 11 books last year... 11! That is the least amount of books I've read in a year since I learned to read! My problem is that I won't stop reading a book I've started--no matter how bad it is--so I'll dread reading and it'll take me over a month to finish a book (my other problem is iPad games....). My goal this year is to read 25 books and to stop reading a book if it sucks.

5) Grow my Origami Owl business. This year I want to advance to Team Leader and have more in-home Jewelry Bars. I also want to go to Convention again. This year it's in Chicago!

6) Get family pictures. Like legit professional pictures done. The ones on my blog header now were snapped at a friends wedding and I love them so much. Now we just need to get some with Emery. 

7) Keep up with the house so I have time to blog. I feel like I haven't been let in on the secret for keeping the house clean, blogging, and taking care of babies/toddlers. I see blogs of spotless houses and happy kids and regularly scheduled posts and I just don't know how they do it. 

It's one of my biggest hesitation when it comes to blogging again. Where do they find the time? I swear I should be folding laundry right now--among a million other things--so I just don't know where they find the time or the energy. And what about the content that doesn't have to do with their kids? I mean, I spend all day every day with these two little boogers, I'm not sure what to blog about other than my children's cuteness and projectile vomiting.

I definitely have missed blogging, I just don't really know how to start over. But here's to trying. 
Here's to my new goals. Here's to 20-15!
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