Hey Lady Without Kids, Stop Judging My Parenting

I read a lot about the "mommy wars," but it isn't always other moms who are being judgmental.
The other day TJ, Liam, and I were invited to a friend's going away party at a restaurant/bar. We had a large party in a room in the back of the restaurant, and it was loud in there. And I'm not going to sugar coat anything... Liam was a little shit. Simply put, he did NOT want to be there. He whined and cried and threw a fit the entire time we were in that room.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty embarrassed by his behavior, but he is one and a half, and there is only so much you can do in a situation like that. And believe me, we tried them all--Frozen on the iPad, Super Why on the iPad, goldfish, juice, running around barefoot, french fries. You get the picture. The only thing that made him happy was leaving that room. As soon as TJ crossed the threshold out of the room he was fine, and as soon as he came back in he was a terror.

So we basically made the excuse that he was teething and has just been cranky for a week or so. Not completely a lie, but not entirely true either. Sure he is teething, but it doesn't keep him up at night. He might be irritable, but he is usually consolable. His teeth weren't bothering him, he was being stubborn.

Then this girl, who hasn't been remotely friendly to me once--or anyone that I've seen for that matter--started running her mouth about our parenting. Something along the lines of, "Oh that poor baby. He is in pain. Babies only cry like that if they're in pain. They need to do something. They need to order him a shot of whiskey and rub it on his gums," etc., etc., etc.. I don't know if she didn't realize how loud she was talking or if she didn't care--it wouldn't surprise me honestly, like I said, she's never been nice to anyone when I've been around--but let me just say this, I know that people put whiskey on their babies gums when they're teething. If that's what your preferred choice of remedying aching gums, good for you. But what kind of bitchy remark would she have made if I had ordered a shot of whiskey... in a bar... for my one and a half year old son? I'm sure she would have had something to say then, too.

So just remember this girl-spouting-off-parenting-criticisms-when-you-don't-even-have-any-kids, keep your snarky "parenting advice" to yourself. I know my son a whole lot better than you do. I've spent nearly every single day of his life with him. There are enough other moms who judge others' parenting techniques, we don't need a whole other genre of people judging moms out there. I hope you never have to hear somebody being as rude as you were to me when you're a mom. I was already struggling with his behavior, I don't need to hear judgment from someone else. So while we say Stop the Mommy Wars, how about we just stop judging people in general.

And for the record, honestly, next time I'd rather overhear someone say, "Wow, that kids is being a real shit," because guess what, he was!
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I'm Back

Hey ladies! I've neglected this little space of mine for too long, so I decided to start fresh and reverted all of my old posts to drafts. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things, so bare with me as I relearn the ropes and figure out how to get blogging time in with a toddler running around. Any and all advice is much welcome!!!
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